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Will School Camp Prepare Children For Life After School?

School camp is more than just a place for fun, it Is a place for learning and behavioural improvement. Though school camp is generally a way to improve a child’s performance at school, in many ways it is also used to prepare children for life after school. Read about how school camp will prepare children for life after school below:


School camp gives children the space they need to learn how to speak up for themselves. Not only do they learn the ability to speak their mind, but they are also encouraged and motivated through every achievement, as well as every failure. They are taught not to give up and prevail through hardships, and with every achievement they make on camp, they are taught to be proud. This extends beyond camp and school, into their life after school by encouraging them to believe in themselves and speak up for their beliefs.


Camp teaches children to be independent, so when they reach the end of their school career and are left to face the world on their own, they are ready and capable. Their independence is learnt not only from their time away from their parents, but because every task they complete on camp is completed without the help of an adult – though they are always supervised.


Children are responsible for themselves on camp. Yes, there are teachers and camp counsellors involved in all stages of the camp to ensure there is adult supervision should something go wrong. However, they are responsible for making sure they wake up at the right time every morning, make their bed, have everything ready for the day. Though these things may seem small, it is preparation for the bigger responsibilities in life.