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Learn More About Our Fun Team Building Events for School Camps

Here’s how our team building events will benefit your child

When it comes to learning valuable lessons, nothing’s more effective than making lessons fun for your kids. That’s what our team building events are all about, transferring life skills to students without them even realising it, as they’re having fun learning with their friends.

Our team building events and programmes are developed to transfer key life skills to students, such as healthy communication, the value of teamwork and how to be great team players, while doing so in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. We are proud of our long history of success at teaching kids many valuable skills and lessons they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The lessons our programmes teach can be transferred to various areas of students’ lives, from their academic endeavours to future professional development. Tap into our decades of combined expertise in this regard, and give your child a competitive head start in life.

What Team Building Events and Programmes Do We Offer?

We’ve worked hard to develop exciting programmes that appeal to students from all walks of life. Our programmes are tailored to specific audiences, and we have exciting team building events for students of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the stand out programmes that continue to enjoy popularity among our clients.

Our Programmes


The Explorer Programme

This programme is designed to encourage a questioning mind. Learners come face to face with nature, and they ask important questions as we learn in a fun outdoors environment.


The Adventure Camp

This programme combines exciting adventure activities with fantastic learning opportunities. Participants are given the chance to discover greatness in themselves, and others, as they enjoy experiential learning activities designed to entertain.

While we push participants as far as possible to stretch their limitations, we’ll never force any person into doing an activity they don’t feel comfortable with.


The Xtreme Team Challenge

The eXtreme Team Challenge helps participants to bond and unite behind a common goal, as they all work towards competing for the title of Team eXtreme. Teams bring their competitive edge to the challenge, thinking outside the box and working together well.

Learners enjoy learning new skills, and also enjoy solving riddles and puzzles that test more than brute strength.


The SurvivALL Team Challenge

This programme inspires teamwork at the highest level, with team members learning to work together in unison, and learning to think and act quickly under pressure.

Surviving in the great outdoors is one thing, but with these experiential outdoor activities, teams develop life skills that’ll help them survive the concrete jungle with ease.


Leadership In Action

This program kicks off with a theoretical briefing on what leadership is, and how it can be learned in life.

The programme then uses experiential and audio visual activities to help participants understand more about the qualities of what makes a great leader, while giving them the competitive desire to help them succeed in life, while also helping their fellow team members.

Our Programmes Continued...


Fun In The Sun

Team members get wet in the sun, where it’s all about teamwork, H2O and fun in the sun!

Competitive spirit is encouraged as team members take part in water bombs, power lines, tugboat relay and sponge toss, among other fun activities!


The Ultimate Eco Experience

During this event the team take part in activities designed to emmerse the pupils both physically and mentally. The following activities make up the “grit” experience;

– Hiking and Camp Craft
– Raft building and Rafting
– Paint Wars


Team Enhancement Programme

This programme is designed to help reconnect team members with each other, by harnessing a deeper understanding of themselves, along with other members.

This helps participants to refocus their energies towards achieving group objectives. It’s a process designed to teach participants the value of teamwork, in order to achieve a common goal.

The Team Enhancement Programme is broken up into two aspects, leading to:

Team members getting to know each other on different levels; and
Ultimately taking team performance to new heights
The team also engages in various experiential learning activities, so as to illustrate the requirements of high performance teams. It also allows for supported experiential learning to take place.


Tall Trees

We believe that there can be no leadership without relationship. By learning how to value yourself and others, you build better relationships and you become a better leader. Leadership always comes with challenges and opposition. However, when the leader is positioned just right, they become supple and strong, just like a tree that is planted in the right spot. We believe that any person is suited to be a leader given the opportunity to grow into a leadership position.

Tall Trees Leadership Profiles™ are used with remarkable results in the following areas:

– Personal growth
– Leadership development
– Team building
– Relationship building
– Conflict management.

This programme could be presented during a leadership development camp or on its own at school.



The Perfect Experience
Whether your need is cultural, educational or adventure – Project Summit Camps will source the perfect experience for your group. Through a wide network of local and international venues and destinations we offer tours and activities locally and abroad.

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” ~ Paula Bendfeldt

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