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How Does School Camp Enhance Confidence?

School camp is all about giving your child the opportunity to experience new things on their own. If you’re worried about sending your child on camp because they’re shy and reliant on you, keep in mind that school camp is great for enhancing confidence. Here are a few ways that school camp enhances confidence:

Social interaction

A lack of self-confidence shows in the way children interact with other people. On school camp they are given the chance to interact and socialise with a large group of children in a new setting. Their self-confidence will grow with every new friend, and their bonds will grow with every new day. The children will have things to talk about, even when they are home from camp, and the excitement could alleviate shyness.

New experiences

At school camp, children are encouraged – though never forced – to step out of their comfort zone. They are given ample opportunity to participate in a wide variety of challenging tasks and activities. These activities range between individual to small groups to the whole class. School camp allows children to experience new things with each other, allowing them to grow in confidence together.


The teachers and camp counsellors on hand at school camp are well-versed in interacting with children. They are there to comfort and motivate the children at every turn. The encouragement that children receive on camp makes them feel appreciated and important to the success of the team. When children feel like they have achieved something, their confidence improves, and they are motivated to feel confident.

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