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Amorie Tredoux

Amorie is the heart of the operations-and office administration.Her perfectionistic aptitude ensures that all events are organisedwell in advance and delivered at 100% client satisfaction.

Jacob Matshele

Jacob’s enthusiasm about the work and the groups he works with is tangible.His philosophy is to give 100% every time all the time.

Elizna van den Berg

As senior facilitator Elizna ensures that each event runs smoothly and according to plan.Her insight into team building events keeps our clients relaxed and having fun!

Gizela Kapp

Gizela Kapp Senior facilitator and social media guru Gizela is the cool and calm person in our team, always rocksteady and the one you could depend on to make things happen, her moto is nothing will keep me from posting….not even weak signal!

Izak Coetzer

Izak’s love for new and improved programmes could be seen as programmes and events change and adjusts each year. The best programmes and activities are self-learned activities with masses of fun intertwined. Izak’s Formal Education: Bachelor’s Degree: Recreational Sciences, specialising in outdoor recreation. Honour’s Degree: Psychology including short courses as part of the honours programme: Advanced Therapeutic … Read more

For more information about COVID-19 please visit: COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

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